The Four Horsemen – Part One

As seen in Canada Free Press.

Six years ago Obama unleashed the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse upon a largely unsuspecting nation. The merciless work of Death, War, Conquest, and Famine is nearly complete.

Earlier this week the results of the mid-term elections coaxed a timid light from the darkness. Hope flickered. Perhaps Republicans might once again adopt the Conservatism always victorious in past contests with evil. Perhaps in doing so Conservatism might belay the six-year reign of terror unleashed by our President.

Actions Needed
To forestall the consummation of the doom already assigned us by the Democrat Party and Progressives everywhere, it is necessary in this moment of possibility to contemplate those actions we might take, must take, to overcome the Apocalypse now holding dominion over the larger part of our world.

No matter how strenuous our exertions, we labor against a backdrop of unremitting failure. Whatever we’ve been doing isn’t working. We’ve elected ourselves unto boundless futility. Those we elect become either neutered or coopted. We’ve used our pens and phones and emails and incessantly traveled the roads and knocked on the doors of our great land and still the forces of evil remain only one election away from dominating us again. Undeterred we seek the fundamental transformation of America back into America.

Fundamental Strategy Modification Necessary

To get there, to prevent further conquest, we must fundamentally change what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. Our leaders will need to change what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. Every “that’s the way we do things around here” moment must needs invite sober analysis because whatever “that” is, it’s been failing us for more than 100 years. Everything must be questioned. Every novel approach must be exploited.

Conservatism is so logical in its promise for improving the Human Condition it is particularly maddening that anyone (even Liberals) rejects it. Worse, and even though Conservatism makes sense, and wins elections every time it’s espoused, the Republican Establishment all too often operates from the Dark Side, destroying winning Conservative candidates without remorse or hesitation. Our Party’s self-destruction has historical precedent. In 1788, in the Battle of Karánsebes, and in only one night, a force of 100,000 Austrians inflicted 10,000 casualties upon itself, earning title to the worst (10%) case of friendly fire calamity known to history. Increasingly it seems the Republican Establishment seeks to wreak the same fate upon Conservatives, and consequently upon itself. Somehow, Conservatives must prevail within the Republican Party, and in this save themselves, and the nation.


Sitting astride his Pale Horse, Obama has introduced Death into the heart of our nation.

Obamacare is Death

Obamacare serves the ends of Death; it has become a truly remarkable engine for destroying our country from within. It is the greatest assault upon our freedoms in the history of our nation. It is quickly becoming the chief author and enforcer of a more sickly and more impoverished population – all of its depredations nevertheless easily blocked – if only we would block them. Understandably, the majority of Americans are increasingly hostile to the oozing devastation wrought by this gruesome Law. Nevertheless our erstwhile champions fail to save us from it.

Obamacare Easily Annihilated

Curiously, the means for annihilation of Obamacare seem easy to hand – as is consistent with most 2014 Republican pre-election utterances on the matter. Certainly the broad sweep of Republicans ushered into power so far back as 2010 proclaimed the end of Obamacare to be Job One. Instead, those we depended upon have failed us at every opportunity.

Merely from a procedural point of view, it is an obscenity our entire population could be subject to the manipulations of a single Party possessing the larger number of Seats for a mere two years – that merely two years were required to condemn our nation, deconstruct our nation, and without apparent recourse. What form might the next destruction of our freedoms take if all that is required is the temporary installment of a sufficiently insane or evil Congress to author them? How might we free ourselves from the present obscenity? From whence might come our salvation?

Betrayed by the Elected

Calls for defunding of Obamacare – to destroy it – have blessed our ears for the past four years and more. To this end our Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, promised in ads three weeks ago he would seek to immediately repeal all of Obamacare if elected. He was elected. In the first 24 hours after election he declared in a Press Conference his commitment to unilateral surrender to the President, to attack Obamacare, de minimis, one piece at a time, beginning with elimination of a “tax on medical devices” – how inspiring. Worse, he spoke almost insolently about not allowing a Budget Crisis, a “Government Shutdown” – not permitting use of Congress’ most potent weapon against the predations of an increasingly Imperial President. Somehow we find ourselves chained to the antics of arrogant imposters upon the stage of a deadly Theatre of the Absurd. How might we escape?

Clear Path for Defunding Obamacare

Paul Ryan and others pointed out long ago Congress possessed the fiscal means to snuff out 80% of Obamacare nearly at once. This has not occurred. What happened? First, Congress refused to increase the limit of the debt ceiling. Obama shut down the government (more of a slow-down; 80% of the Government continued to function – the other 20% were not harmed in the end anywise). The media and Obama blamed the Republicans – so did most citizens. The Establishment Leadership disintegrated. Ever since we’ve been assured by Leadership they will refuse to do anything at all about Obamacare, declaring their refusal to risk a government shutdown as if this were a badge of nobility rather than admitting its true nature as a breath-taking breach of faith.

How remarkably easy it should be were Republicans – following four years of the Obamacare monstrosities – to cast themselves as champions of the people, wielding a Government Shutdown as in instrument of the nation’s salvation – any untoward effects understood to be the harsh medicine required to end Obamacare? What if Republicans merely sought universal understanding in the populace that the any Government Shutdown was merely a “Slowdown” – applicable to merely 20% of Government activities? What are we missing? Are the resources of the Republican Party truly so meager it cannot fashion responses such as this or better? Obamacare funding needs to be annihilated, now, and salt ground into its Carthaginian carcass, ensuring it will never rise again.

Beyond winning rhetoric and Legislative power dynamics, Republican Leadership possesses further substantial means to bring Obamacare to ground. These would follow from detoxification of the widely reported apprehension that “the further we get into it (Obamacare) the more people will depend upon it, and the harder it will be, maybe impossible, to eliminate it.” One wonders where our networks find such uninspiring pundits and politicians to contaminate our airwaves with such slothful thinking.

Hold Harmless – Fundamental to Public Acceptance

Surely with its bounty of lawyers, Congress is filled with members who are familiar with contracts possessing “hold harmless” clauses. Why can this not apply to citizens overcome by and become dependent upon Obamacare? For example, why is it so hard to imagine assuring the populace that whatever their degree of possession by Obamacare, they will be “held harmless” in the case of any and all negative consequences consequent to its destruction. For example those who enjoy the Bronze Plan deductible of $6,000.00 will be subsidized at their current level to sustain them in this plan – or at whatever level and to whatever degree they’ve enjoyed prior to the Obscenity’s destruction. Can this be so hard?

Detractors may whine we do not have room for further Budget Deficits to the end of making everyone whole who might otherwise suffer following destruction of Obamacare. Most analysts now agree, however, Obamacare will itself generate far greater budget deficits than initially advertised – in direct costs alone – not accounting for the indirect costs of an exploding bureaucracy of inefficiency or the demonic health consequences of sub-optimal care and denuded medical research. Surely, the costs of any “hold harmless” provision would Pale in comparison to the true costs of Obamacare. In sum, Republicans should make it clear that no citizen would any support or benefits they previously enjoyed under Obamacare.

And, while we’re on the topic, since Obamacare is the greatest threat to our American freedoms since the British spent eight years trying to snuff us out, it perhaps requires a more fulsome application of costly hold harmless provisions. For numerous political reasons or just good manners we must hold harmless the tens of thousands of government workers hired specifically for the purpose of enforcing Obamacare upon us. They will no longer be needed. Somehow, they must remain whole as well – perhaps transferred to equivalent “grade” jobs within another division of the Leviathan. Beyond this the private sector calls for justice as well. There now exist hundreds of companies, each with its own workforce, each capitalized by some individual or organization, feeding off of Obamacare. These will no longer be needed. These, too, will need to be held harmless, if at all possible (but only if politically necessary – everyone in the private sector understands there is no such thing as job security).

Denounce “Replacement”

Once Obamacare is destroyed and all its victims/beneficiaries held harmless, our Republican leadership cannot be permitted to borrow one jot or tittle from its reprehensible runes. Some such leaders now speak of “replacing it with something better.” Can we be so daft as to misunderstand this is akin to recommending we replace the Holocaust with “something better?” Any talk of “replacing Obamacare” needs to be shouted down whenever encountered. Such talk is so dangerous it invites re-activation of the Sedition Act with its expanded interpretation of treasonous speech.

Liberation Healthcare:

Instead of “replacing” Obamacare, Conservatives are nearly uniform in calling for liberating healthcare, noting since the time of the New Deal, healthcare has never been permitted to operate in a free market. Moreover, most agree chaining health insurance to an employer is a pretty inane system to maintain. This scheme originated in the New Deal as well. It is cured easily by allowing health insurance premiums, or, better yet, all healthcare expense to be completely tax-deductible. Finally, permitting insurance companies to operate across state lines (another proscription from antiquity) engages all the usual engines of productivity – generating economies of scale – making it much more likely insurance companies will have the capacity to market affordable policies to individuals.

America’s healthcare system requires liberation, not replacement.

And without liberty – for our country and our healthcare system – there is nothing left worthy of salvation in the otherwise consuming apocalyptic darkness now confronting us.

Up Next: Part II of “The Four Horsemen”: War, Conquest and Famine



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