The Right Virus

As seen in Canada Free Press.

The Left Virus has infected every foundational institution in our country—schools, universities, press, media, and most of government. Its remarkable success derives from its ability to infect small areas at first, unseen, unsuspected, then doubling its penetration again and again, until whole swaths of society are corrupted: Supreme Court Justices divine a “Right to Privacy” in the “living and breathing” Constitution, Presidents lawlessly make laws with pens and phones while a Complicit Press focuses otherwise upon First Lady fashion.

The most helpful demonstration of this process is the Web’s “going viral” phenomenon. Unlike the process on the Web, however, which diminishes, then dies out, the “going viral” process with the Left Virus will not cease until everything in our world is destroyed.

To date there is scant evidence of a competing Right Virus. In small areas of our society and too rarely, it seems a Right Virus infection may have occurred, but invariably such phenomena fade away before catching hold.

It is for this reason we must expressly manufacture a Right Virus, to counter the Left, something that will “go viral” and keep on going.

To be successful the Right Virus must co-opt the same operational strategies mastered by the Left.

For example, the Left Virus has successfully hijacked the primary imperative for any organization—to grow – the “Growth Imperative.” In the real world, this organizational force is balanced against the mandate to create value. Any private organization failing to create value dies. But there is no countervailing force in government organizations. In fact, the more poorly government agencies perform, the more they are rewarded with staff and funds. Government organizations grow, slowly or rapidly, but they always they grow. And the Left Virus grows along with them.

Understanding the “Growth Imperative” of any organization, and its unlimited power within any government or bureaucracy, we must conclude any Right Virus we create must possess the same powers. A Right Virus must have the capacity to grow, no matter what.

A second property of organizations is the Competition / Destruction Imperative. In the real world, if an organization/company focuses upon disrupting or interfering with its competitors to the detriment of creating value, it dies. Again, in government, however, and as with the Growth Imperative, there is no requirement to create value, and so the more an agency of the bureaucracy disrupts the processes of citizens or businesses within its purview, the more it is rewarded, again with more staff and more funds.

Considering the combination of unbridled growth with unbridled destruction, it is easy to understand how the U.S. Administrative State has become so ubiquitous and so disruptive it regulates our toilets, showers and light bulbs. Government regulatory agencies, for example, grow, “find” more cases of abuse (mission creep), exclaim they require more resources, are given them, which allow them to expand operations even further—eventually until they either destroy all available hosts or someone in Congress wakes up. The EPA, NLRB, EEOC, and most alphabet agencies work like this. And they all carry the Left Virus.

A successful Right Virus will coopt the Growth Imperative and Destruction Imperative, as does the Left. But, in contradistinction, it will turn these processes to the end of saving Society from the ravages of the Left.

For its debut, we will want to design the Right Virus to mimic its older more successful counterpart. The Right Virus will require incubation in its very own government Agency. Such an Agency will require the trappings of all other (Left Virus) Agencies.

The “incubator Agency” for the Right Virus will require a mandate as a protector of rights, a scourge of abuse, deploying the functions of investigation, prosecution, and punishment, as do Left Virus Agencies.

However, the incubator Agency of the Right Virus will focus on citizen and business Complaints of government abuse. The Right Virus Agency will disrupt government operations with its investigations and demands for documents and testimony. It will penalize government agencies, departments, staffs, even individuals, assessing fines, compensation, restitution, and referring some violators for criminal prosecution.

Since the Right Virus Agency will coopt the Growth and Destruction Imperatives, it will feed off the ubiquitous abuses of all current Left Virus Agencies, growing perhaps into the largest government Agency of all—perhaps even with a Cabinet Seat. Also, driven by these imperatives, the Right Virus Agency will not hesitate to attack “fellow” government agencies, if it perceives abuses—and it will always perceive abuses, just like the current Left Virus Agencies.

Perhaps we might name the Right Virus Agency something like “The Citizens’ Defense Agency.” It would actively solicit Complaints from individuals, private businesses, or any organization alleging suffering at the hands of government agencies. Abused citizens and businesses who now have nowhere to turn will of a sudden have access to free advocates, investigators, prosecutors, and administrative law judges, i.e. all the sorts of things currently granted to citizens who file complaints about alleged abuses outside of government.

The Citizens’ Defense Agency, incubator for the Right Virus, will also in this way function exactly as our very own bureaucracy, the first of its kind, protecting we citizens from abuses by the government or at least compensating us for what we do to contend with government abuse.

The Right Virus Agency, “The Citizens’ Defense Agency,” cannot fail. It coopts the powerful Growth and Destruction Imperatives of the Left Virus Agencies. And, like Left Virus Agencies, it will increase its purview exponentially until its tentacles reach into every other Agency in the government—and they will.

And then, the Right Virus will benefit from the exponential growth the Left has enjoyed far too long. And it will be unstoppable.

Just imagine it.




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