Unicorns and Rainbows

As seen in Canada Free Press.

We Conservative Republicans have no more time to ‘get it right.’ For too long we’ve been content with the fact our arguments are principled, logical, supported by the evidence and by history. We Conservative Republicans are so right about economic and political matters, yet so wrong in our marketing and sales of Conservative ideas.

So, even though our ideas lead reliably to abundance for all, we are at every turn outmatched by the language skills of the populist pied pipers of the Left.

How can this be?

The Left enjoys the advantage of being able to “say anything,” without regard for evidence or logic. Consequently, they can promise anything, command accolades for their superior “intentions,” demand credulity, and soberly pronounce damnation upon Republicans—in public—for every imaginable sin – including “wanting to pollute the water and kill old people.”

In contrast, Establishment Republicans employ language as memorable as yesterday’s garbage, and as valuable. Conservative Republicans, however, fail at language use also, and on most occasions.

Why? Obvious example: How inspiring is talk about the National Debt? At best it’s boring. At worst it’s offensive: Most citizens have their own debt problems. The constant Conservative drone about the irresponsibility and danger of the Debt, the need for keeping a balanced budget, and the harm we are causing future generations accomplishes one thing: It associates unpleasant personal feelings (shame, dismay, helplessness) with Conservatives. Secondarily, it pairs Republicans with the disdain for a Chicken Little. The Public has heard about the danger of budget deficits and national debt for forty years. The sky has not fallen.

Yet, the sky will fall. Accordingly, we Conservative Republican Chicken Littles need to find a way to articulate this fact, and spur action, without injuring, annoying, or angering the citizenry. Complication: A significant portion of the citizenry rely upon government benefits. Any talk about curing budget deficits or cutting government spending is also a dagger to the heart for these citizens. When we wax on about the Budget, etc., we inspire fear and anxiety.

Let’s agree then to eschew the words Budget, Deficit, and Debt, forevermore. These terms win no hearts or minds. Worse, they alienate, and they hogtie Republicans andConservatives to powerfully negative human emotions.

But what should we do now? Easy answer: We should do what Reagan did. Reagan did not focus his rhetoric upon endless denunciation of the grave problems of the day—unless he could pair them with Liberal Democrat fools. Instead, he focused upon the tremendous outcomes invariably associated with Conservative ideas—instilling feelings of hope and determination. Can it be so hard to understand when trying to sell ice cream it is not helpful to sell the mechanics of ice cream production?

Consider, can there really ever be a downside to flipping the debt case upon the Democrat? There is no downside. On every occasion our leaders could say, “As you know, Brian (oh, I mean Bob, Brian’s gone, sorry), having to pay for the debt causes inflation, which is an assault upon our seniors or anyone on a fixed income. In fact, you might say that any congressperson voting to raise the Debt Ceiling is waging WAR ON OUR SENIORS.”

Focusing upon outcomes we could say, “Well, the national Debt and Budget Deficit are great threats to our nation. That’s why it’s so important to free our markets again, to allow small businesses to thrive without the taxes and regulations killing them now. And, history tells us that every single time we’ve freed our markets and our businesses, every single American has benefited.” (And we can hold our tongue about the fact that trickle-down economics was a cynical lie).

I cringe every time my heroes, Mark, Sean or Rush, decry the Debt and Deficit. Certainly, these topics need decrying. But it is vital we decry them only in circumstances we can pair them with “the real killers,” Democrats and Liberals, or at least fast-forward the monologue to an emphasis on the genuineabundance everyone will inherit with capitalism—and the reduced Deficits and Debt that come with it.

Words matter—those we choose and how we use them. We can no longer settle for Conservative polemics that are merely “right.” Instead, our rhetoric must also sell. And we have all the tools needed to sell it. So let’s get it right this time and MAKE THE SALE.

The Left slaughters us with language. They unpack and repack words and phrases ten times before we’ve even gotten out of bed in the morning. They take this issue seriously. So should we.

So, no more with the “Debt bankrupting our grandchildren.”

Instead, we need to market our true outcomes: Unicorns and Rainbows for Everyone.


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