“Vote Early and Often” – Chicago’s First Mayor Daley

As seen in Canada Free Press.

Last Friday, at 3:06 PM, the Washington Post published an article destined to signify the watershed moment in the unending war over voter identification.

The article, written by Jesse Richman and David Earnest, two Associate Professors at Old Dominion University, provides compelling evidence supporting the necessity of voter identification and more than this – supporting the necessity of verification of citizenship prior to granting voter registration.

Richman and Earnest give us numbers, finally. No more can ideology-prone judges declare voter identification laws invalid based upon lack of evidence of voter fraud – always a suspect demand in any case. Instead, Richman and Earnest provide scientifically sound numbers demonstrating the longstanding practice of non-citizen registration (14% of all non-citizens), non-citizen voting (6.2% of all non-citizens in 2008), and non-citizen preference for Democrat candidates (non-citizens vote for Democrats 80% of the time). Richman and Earnest go further: They provide evidence, including two case studies (Minnesota – Franken, and North Carolina – Obama) demonstrating non-citizen voting to be particularly consequential, easily pivotal in those two cases, and likely the deciding factor in many close races (Democrat v. Republican) – for years.

What happens now? If Republican Conservatives are paying attention, they will yell out the names Richman and Earnest in response to any further challenges to voter I.D. requirements. They will use the incendiary data these scientists provide, and render into ash any further pseudo-populist demagoguery from the Left on this topic. Never more shall the Attorney General be permitted to utter race-baiting denunciations such as “Jim Crow,” “poll tax,” “literacy tests,” or “voter discrimination.” (He and his ilk will likely persist in their race-baiting, but on the topic of voter I.D. laws, they can forevermore be shouted down (politely) by exuberant chanting of “Richman and Earnest!”).

Certainly, once the Left realizes its huge-gaping-hole-of-a-mistake in releasing the Richman and Earnest data, it will likely also realize this material is the equivalent of a Super Ebola virus prone to destroy the very soul of the Democrat enterprise. Bereft the illegitimate votes of non-citizens, Democrats will face the prospect of needing to win elections fairly.

It is likely the Left will realize its profound loss in the not-too-distant future, perhaps as early as election day. It is best if Conservative Republicans are prepared. Attacks upon Richman and Earnest will explode, attacks upon their motives, their credibility, their methods, their data, their university, their relationships, their everything. Their colleagues, those in their own institution and those nationwide, will be solicited for critique and condemnation. The liberal talk shows, i.e. most talk shows, will sustain the momentum long after formal “news” outlets turn to other stories. Richman and Earnest will become more reviled than President Bush.

Republicans, Conservatives, must bind plate and mail early, arm themselves with deliberate and accurate rhetoric, must understand they fight not only for the implementation of voter I.D. laws but for the continued existence of America – the America intended by its Founders, the America its rightful citizens, immigrant and non-immigrant, pledge their allegiance to. Republicans, Conservatives, must understand this new fight will likely be our last.  As Lincoln observed in 1858, drawing from Christ’s teachings, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Lincoln also added, “It will become all one thing or all the other.” If we do not fight we will not win. If we do not win, our House will become all one thing, a Democrat thing, and we will lose our freedom.

If non-citizens are permitted to continue voting, deciding close elections, the legitimate United States will be exterminated. Demagogues know this. Democrats know this. We Conservatives have suspected this. So, when 14% of the ten million newly legitimized illegal aliens become registered voters (fraudulently), and in the absence of voter I.D. requirements, the U.S. voting franchise will fall in upon itself. One-Party rule will result – even though the majority of citizenvoters will not have intended this result for themselves or their posterity.  And it will be too late.

In an age where both self-interested Democrats and deluded Republican dunderheads seek blanket Amnesty for illegal aliens, and the consequently expanded corruption of the voting franchise, Conservative Republicans have no choice. There is no room for half-measures or dissembling. Benjamin Franklin’s sentiment during the Revolution holds true today. We must “either fight or die.” Now.



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